Several interfacing technique within the xBus use XML or XSL files as part of the system configuration. Namely, such elements appear in the following situations. (Click the item to jump to the detail information.)
Record Type Transformations
Byte Array oriented Data Transmission
AS400 Program Calls
 Record Transformation

The chapter Records Transformation explains all elements within the transformation.

Here you find a thorough description of all configuration issues for such a transformation.

 Data Transfer in Byte Array Lists

The section General transmitted Data Types explains when to use byte array oriented data transfer instead of string oriented. It may be used with or without record transformation. The first case is already handled above because there are no changes in the configuration if you use strings or byte array lists. The only difference is that the fitting receiver must be called.

The case of byte array transfer without transformation is essentially easier concerning the processing and the configuration. All details are listed on a separate page.

 AS400 Program Calls