The distribution files have been tested with Windows XP and Linux, but should work with other Unix versions as well. There are three types of downloads:

  • Binary - Without sources, recommended for most of the users.

    Download: xBus-binary-1.7.zip (approx. 13 MB)

  • Source - Containing all source files for building the xBus. To let the xBus run, you first have to compile the sources.

    Download: xBus-source-1.7.zip (approx. 14 MB)

  • All-Inclusive - a very large distribution, not just containing all source files but also:
    • HSQLDB as a database
    • OpenJMS as a message queue server
    • Tomcat as a servlet engine
    This distribution is useful to have a complete development environment for setting up dataflows including message queues and HTTP-connections. Since we haven't tested these basic services in a productive environment, we can just recommend them for development or testing purposes.

    Download: xBus-allinclusive-1.7.zip (approx. 30 MB)

  • Older versions - can be found at the SourceForge download page

How to install the different distribution is explained in chapter Installation.