Connection to the AS/400


The AS/400 is capable to let other computers getting access to its resources via TCP/IP connections. The xBus uses the IBM Toolbox for Java, a toolkit available from IBM, for accessing these resources. This picture out of the Toolbox' documentation shall illustrate the principle:


The server programs needed on the AS/400 are part of the operating system and must only be started. The toolkit itself is distributed by IBM for free under an open source license.

Currently two resources of the AS/400 can be used by the xBus:

  • The first resource is the Integrated File System. It gives you access to all file systems existing on the AS/400, including the QSYS-Library file system.
  • Second Programs can be called on the AS/400.

 Requirements on the AS/400

The documentation of the toolbox lists three requirements, which must be fulfilled on the AS/400, to use its resources remotly.

  • A TCP/IP connection between the xBus and the AS/400 is required.
  • The operating system of the AS/400 must be OS/400 V4R2 or higher.
  • The AS/400 must have the "Option 12 Host Servers" installed and running.