XML documents from POP3XMLReceiver(Thread)

This example describes, how a XML document looks, received by a POP3XMLReceiver(Thread):

01 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
02 <Test0015EmailReceive>
03     <From>
04         <Name>xBus Test 0015</Name>
05         <Address>xbus15@localhost</Address>
06     </From>
07     <To>
08         <Address>xbus15@localhost</Address>
09     </To>
10     <SentDate>2004-10-30 17:28:05,000</SentDate>
11     <ContentType>text/plain; charset=Cp1252</ContentType>
12     <Subject>xBus Test 0015</Subject>
13     <Content>This is the text of the message.</Content>
14     <IsHTMLMessage>false</IsHTMLMessage>
15 </Test0015EmailReceive>
The name of the root element is the name of the interface as defined in the configuration.
03 - 06:
The From element contains the name and the address of the originator of this message.
07 - 09:
The To element contains the addresses of all recipients. There could be also elements for CC and BCC addresses.
The date when the message has been sent.
ContentType gives information about the mime type and the charset.
The Subject of the message.
Content contains the most important part of the message.
If the content is a HTML message, it is indicated with the IsHTMLMessage tag.