Class JavaCaller

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JavaCaller
extends java.lang.Object
implements Callable

Used by JavaSender.execute(String, Object) together with the TimedCallable to be able to stop the execution of the program after a timeout.

Constructor Summary
JavaCaller(XBUSSystem destination, java.lang.String function, java.lang.Object callData, boolean isText)
          Stores the given data.
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object call()
          Calling the Java method.
 void stop()
          Stopping the execution of the program by doing nothing.
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Constructor Detail


public JavaCaller(XBUSSystem destination,
                  java.lang.String function,
                  java.lang.Object callData,
                  boolean isText)
Stores the given data.

destination - name of the interface definition
function - used to determine the method
callData - data to be send
isText - indicates whether the method accepts a String (true) or an Object (false)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object call()
                      throws XException
Calling the Java method. The name of the class and the name of the method are read out of the configuration.

Specified by:
call in interface Callable
the response of the called method


public void stop()
Stopping the execution of the program by doing nothing.

Specified by:
stop in interface Callable