Package net.sf.xbus.technical.http

Provides classes for receiving and sending HTTP requests


Class Summary
EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory can be used to creats SSL Sockets that accept self-signed certificates.
EasyX509TrustManager EasyX509TrustManager unlike default X509TrustManager accepts self-signed certificates.
HTTPByteArrayListSender The HTTPByteArrayListSender sends a ByteArrayList in the form of a String to an URL.
HTTPParameterSender HTTPParameterSender gets a XML document containing parameter and values and sends them as a query string to an URL.
HTTPReceiver The class HTTPReceiver handles requests coming via a HTTP-connection.
HTTPSender The HTTPSender sends a message to an URL.
HTTPStreamSender HTTPStreamSender gets an InputStream and streams it to an URL.

Package net.sf.xbus.technical.http Description

Provides classes for receiving and sending HTTP requests.