Interface TextSender

All Known Implementing Classes:
AS400ByteArrayListSender, AS400FileSender, FileByteArrayListSender, FileLineWriterSender, FileSender, FileStreamSender, FTPSender, HTTPByteArrayListSender, HTTPParameterSender, HTTPSender, HTTPStreamSender, MQSender, ProgramSender, SimpleFileSender, SimpleProgramSender, SMTPSender, SocketSender

public interface TextSender

Senders which send textual messages to neighbor-systems have to implement the TextSender-interface.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String execute(java.lang.String function, java.lang.String callData)
          The given string will be send to the neighbor system.

Method Detail


java.lang.String execute(java.lang.String function,
                         java.lang.String callData)
                         throws XException
The given string will be send to the neighbor system. The response of the neighbor system is the return value of this method.

Optionally a function can be specified. It can be used for calling different methods of the neighbor-system.

function - used by some senders
callData - the data that shall be send to the neighbor system
the response of the neighbor system
XException - if something goes wrong