Package net.sf.xbus.bootstrap

Provides classes to start the functionality of the xBus.


Class Summary
AdminDispatcherServlet The AdminDispatcherServlet determines the Workflow.
ClearServersBootstrap Deletes all messages on MQ and mail servers.
HTTPReceiverBootstrap HTTPReceiverBootstrap starts the HTTPReceiver, using the XBUSClassLoader.
JavaReceiverBootstrap JavaReceiverBootstrap is used to call the xBus directly from another Java application.
ReceiverServiceAdministratorBootstrap ReceiverServiceAdministratorBootstrap stops or restarts the ReceiverService.
ReceiverServiceBootstrap ReceiverServiceBootstrap starts the ReceiverService, using the XBUSClassLoader.
ReceiverServiceServletListener The ReceiverServiceServletListener receives notifications on startup and shutdown of the servlet container.
ReceiverServiceWrapper Starts the ReceiverService as a background service, using the XBUSClassLoader.
ReceiverSingleBootstrap ReceiverSingleBootstrap starts the ReceiverSingle, using the XBUSClassLoader.
SOAPAdministratorBootstrap Restarts the xBus by calling a web service.

Package net.sf.xbus.bootstrap Description

Provides classes to start the functionality of the xBus. A special ClassLoader is used. This makes it possible to define only the library xbus-bootstrap.jar in the Classpath.