Interface IteratedNodeOperation

All Known Implementing Classes:
IteratedWhitespaceInElementAndCommentDeletion, IteratedWhitespaceInElementDeletion

public interface IteratedNodeOperation

IteratedNodeOperation defines the signatures for operations to be executed while traversing a DOM tree. For using a concrete operation, this interface has to be implemented. Then an object can be passed to the traversal operation. Changing the the tree within the operation is dangerous. It may lead into endless loops or incomplete traversals in dynamically modified trees. But the traversal algorithms are built that way that the operation may delete the node it was invoked on.

Stephan Dwel

Method Summary
 void iteratedProcedure(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
          iteratedProcedure is the operation to be performed on each node.

Method Detail


void iteratedProcedure(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
                       throws XException
iteratedProcedure is the operation to be performed on each node.

node - the actual node in traversal
java.lang.Exception - just to allow arbitrary implementations.