Package net.sf.xbus.admin.html

Contains classes allowing the administration via a HTML frontend


Class Summary
AdminDispatcherServlet The AdminDispatcherServlet determines the Workflow.
AdministrationBean Administration for xBus servers.
ConfigurationBean The ConfigurationBean stored instance from Configurationand comprises this configuration in the form of the opened/disclosed three-level menu: The chapter is the top level.
DeletedMessageStoreBean TODO Kommentierung
JournalBean Depending on the obtained parameters from the SelectPage the JournalBean supplies the JournalPage with the results from data base in the form of the table.
NavigationBean The NavigationBean is critical for the compositions of navigation menu.
ReadJournal ReadJournal reads information about the activities of the middleware from the database and handles the information which is stored in the database-table journal.
ReceiverThreadBean TODO Kommentierung
SelectionBean Use SelectionBean for getting journal entries from the Configuration between selected time.

Package net.sf.xbus.admin.html Description

Contains classes allowing the administration via a HTML frontend.